Ode to Shortie

We recently said goodbye to our Shortie. Writing this poem helped me work through some of my grief. 


We already had two dogs. “He has to stay outside.”

My first response to this little stinky dachshund’s arrival.

Within days

He was inside: house, heart.

His personality had taken hold of me. I could turn him out no longer.

Black wiry fur

He looked like one of those pot bellied pigs people keep for pets.

His love for food: comical.

His eyes and wobbly walk

Expressions and personality

Quirky, winning

Always wanting to be near you.

eyes begging

For love in any form




He loved toys

Especially the squeakers

Sniffing and snorting with excitement

Throw, chase, tug, growl, repeat

Those little nails clicking on the floor

He loved to dig outside in the yard

Nose fresh with brown dirt.

And bury himself 

in blankets

Stealing dirty socks and shirts to feather his nest.

Five years. 

Diabetes and divorce, Insulin and lawyers

A new normal, soon back to our old playful selves

Taking the shots well

Another year, out on our own

Ready partner in this new life




Another move


New loves, New job, New town


He was a bridge, a band aid. Ambassador healer

Slowing down, he grayed and limped.

How old is he?

We don’t know.

His adventures do not stop. 

Convertible rides

Nose out the window

He is the portable star 

Covered with kisses

It’s been a while since he chased a toy.

But his costume takes home first place anyway



He’s just old.

This is the sad part

Full of hot tears and burning regret

It is the end

Endings can be long or short

Which one is best?

Guilt and Pain a lesson to grow me.

Forgive me. Next time, I’ll do better.

Let me carry you in my heart. 

We were not


To say goodbye.