Ryan and Craig a Good Choice for Story Time Pinch Hitters

This is my second year doing story time - reading picture books to students in preschool through grade three during their library visit. I love it, and I think the majority of the children do as well.

I used to ditch story time on days when I felt unwell, but then my friend Molly shared Story Time with Ryan and Craig with me. I now use their YouTube channel to pinch hit for me when I can't manage to read aloud - which is rare.  The kids enjoy these guys. Have you ever searched the YouTube story time for read aloud videos? SNORE! Finally, I have found something comparable to the animated reading I provide to my students.

Watching Ryan and Craig do story time, I have been inspired to include some their techniques, such as including my own exaggerated response to the action in the story or talking to the characters about something they have just done.

I have to say that I would like Ryan and Craig to know:
1. I am very thankful for your work. You two are awesome!
2. MY library story time is not quiet and sleepy as referenced in the intro video.
3. Can you guys read The Legend of Rock, Paper Scissors? I think you would do a fantastic job with it.

Here is one of my favorite Ryan and Craig videos.