A Change Will Do You Good?

Moving from Middle to Elementary - "It's a different world, from where you come from!" (Do you remember that show?)

In August, I began working in a school that serves students in pre kindergarten through grade eight. Before this, I spent 22 years working with middle school students in a variety of capacities, including school librarian.

I knew this job would teach me many new things.  I have already learned so much. One of the reasons I took this leap was that I liked the idea of working with students for a longer period of time. How cool is it to know a student from their pre-school or kindergarten days all the way up to middle school? I love that possibility.

It is only October and already I am in love with quite a few of these little nuggets.

Over the next several months I plan to post on some of the new experiences I am having. One of the first topics will be story time.

"New World" office decor