Read! Write! Win!

I did a book review program last year that I would like to share. I was certainly inspired by someone else, but I cannot remember who or where.  I do not claim that this is my original idea.  It was fun and I am going to do it again soon.

I called my version of this sticky note book review program, "Read! Write! Win!" students had to read a book, and get a numbered sticky note from someone at the circulation desk. Each sticky note had a different number on it. On their sticky note they had to write the title of their book, the author's name and a review of the book. The review had to assign a number of stars to the book with five stars being the best.

I did this program for a month. Each week we drew a number and matched that number with the number on the sticky note to determine who the winner was. The sticky note reviews kept coming in and brought a nice pop of color to the library. They filled up two doors and a door sized column.

When I do this again I will keep a running list of titles and star ratings and post it somewhere in the library and on the library blog. I enjoyed watching students read each other's reviews and use the reviews to get reading suggestions. .



Anonymous said...

Great idea, Taz! Will have to "borrow" this one from you.

Auntie Librarian said...


Erika Au said...

What did they win?

Auntie Librarian said...

They won a gift certificate for the book fair, books, I think I even gave away cash one week. :-)