What this Librarian Looks Like

This is the photo I submitted to the This is What a Librarian Looks Like  blog project.  Bobbie Newman and Erin Downey Howerton are "challenging the librarian stereotype one post at a time."  I really enjoyed looking at the pictures on the site and I bet you will too. I have yet to spot a bun I tell you! I am proud to be included among such a lovely group!

Middle School Teacher-Librarian Jennifer Tazerouti is ready to assist students and teachers with their information and technology needs at Sims Middle School in Union, South Carolina. Check out the SMS Library Blog at:
The librarian also keeps a professional blog at:



Ms. Yingling said...

Man, I HAVE to grow my hair long enough for a bun. I am kind, helpful and have ninja technical skills, so why can't I LOOK like a librarian? (Enjoyed the rest of your blog, but this site has been my pet peeve lately!)

Auntie Librarian said...

Ms. Yingling? THE Ms. Yingling of the rocking "Ms. Yingling Reads" blog? Your majesty! I love your blog! You don't have to grow your hair long to wear a bun. You can buy a ready made one and clip it on if you like. I like the "This is What a Librarian Looks Like Project" because it shows that we are a diverse multifaceted bunch of people who don't look or act alike at all. It aims to challenge stereotypes and its fun. Anyone who is kind, helpful, has ninja tech skills and writes a mean blog can go for whatever look they want. I was just teasing about the bun comment. I can't get my hair into a bun, but I can do a french twist! Thanks for the comment and the awesomeness of your blog.

Cathy Jo Nelson said...

LOL and I LOVE your feisty red hair friend!! I forgot to do this meme! Too late?? Wow and a comment from THE Ms. Yingling? You are geting ready to graduate from junior library princess to full fledged library goddess! (I certainly can appreciate the excitement special comments generate. We need to set a lunch date--dont forget. Wed is out cuz I have to get a haircut, since I too can now do a bun. Heading over to Rock Hill for my favorite stylist to do my 'do.)

Auntie Librarian said...

Thanks Cathy Jo! It looks like they are still taking submissions. I need to do the Hold Shelf meme you told us about. Yeah, Ms. Yingling's comment made my week. I was almost going to post about it! How about lunch Monday?